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The Places API provides geo-information. It contains point-of-interests (POI), cities, streets and NS propositions.

With places you can request locations from all over The Netherlands. We have used various data sources to get the name, address and other data to be able to plan from/to address in the NS app.

Places provides information about:

  • Opening hours
  • OV-fiets
  • Zonetaxi standplaatsen
  • Advertisements


You can request all information about OV-fiets (bike shops) from one endpoint. This also includes the number of available bikes. The response contains the following fields:

Parameter Description
name Is always OV-fiets
stationCode Code of station
lat Latitude
lng Longitude
open Boolean: is shop opened at this moment?
link Direct places uri
thumbnail Image of shop
description Textual description of OV-fiets shop
openingHours Per day of week information about the opening hours
extra Includes information about the available bikes and a location code

There are some mobile device specific parameters, check out the Swagger documentation below for details.


It's possible to search for addresses, stations, bus stops, etc.


You can request details of addresses, stations, zonetaxi, and other facilities.

The request can contain multiple parameters. All parameters are optional.

Parameter Description
q Full text search
lat latitude, to be used with parameter lng
lng longitude, to be used with parameter lat
radius Radius in meters, to be used in conjunction with lat and lng
type Type of results. For example poi, station-taxi, stationfacility, greenwheels, qpark, station-retail, address, zonetaxi, city and/or stop. You can request multiple types at once.
orderby Specify the order in which types are returned
limit Limit the number of results returned
lang The language the response should be in, can be nl or en
details Boolean to indicate details
station_code Returns results which are linked to a Station based on the station code (e.g. UT, SHL)
moment Set a date and time which determines if Places and locations are Open or Closed at that moment. Format is in ISO8601 format, when omitted date and time is set to NOW, e.g. 2017-07-05T14:42:24+0100